We wanna be advertising “free” or we will certainly cammuflage/hide the commercials, so the reader does not feel overwhelmed with flat and bland advertising. We have all tried to sit down with a big fashion magazine, where the half of the magazine are pure advertising for example, BMW and Nescafe, fashion house brands, perfumes etc.

No thanks, we say, and instead of companies buying a space in our magazine, we offer to help them creating a whole new marketing campaign. If your company wants to get in, you buy a serie of pictures you can use for your own advertisment. We use the pictures in the magazine for fun and inspiration. you put your product in our knowledgeable and experimental hands, after which we turn and creates an exciting visual fashion story around the product or as a part of the story.

Like movies today integrates products “advertisements” in their story, we will also integrate our customers’ products in fashion images. We will accept ALL products, we see a challenge and not a problem, in getting a product that will initially be difficult to work with.

We wanna be a new kind of “advertising agency”, that will make fun, beautyfull and provokative pictures.


nicoline.aagesen.gun.girlsThis picture could be an advertisement for guns, guitar, skateboard, surfboard, caravan, bikini or a ski mask and so on. You get the picture…

We have a big network of photographers, and we will hand-pick one who fits the profile, of the story we create for the product.

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